Wyoming County

Conservation District

For more information, contact Bernie Scalzo, our Watershed Specialist at
(570) 836-2589 ext. 114 or bscalzo@wycopa.org
Protecting our watersheds means clean water in our streams. Clean water in our streams means healthy drinking water in our homes. It provides for safe water activities, such as swimming and boating, and a healthy environment for abundant wildlife and natural resources in and around our aquatic environments. Clean water is essential for life. Threats to our clean water do not follow political boundaries, but occur within watersheds.

Wyoming County’s Watershed Specialist, in partnership with local watershed groups, private citizens and organizations, and other governmental agencies, plays an important role in ensuring clean water for future generations.

What has our Watershed Specialist done for you?

Working as part of the service complement of your local County Conservation District, Watershed Specialists serve as invaluable resources by:

- assisting the public in finding local solutions to local environmental problems;

- serving as a liaison between citizens or private groups and government officials or agencies, improving communication and understanding;

- providing expert advice to farmers and landowners on conservation practices, including  the installation of Best Management Practices (BMPs);

- assisting community groups to create watershed associations, as well as develop and strengthen other conservation partnerships;

- providing watershed assessment, technical assistance, and workplan development/coordination to restore and protect groundwater and surface water resources;

- facilitating field activities such as establishing riparian buffers and other streambank stabilization projects, retrofitting and maintaining stormwater basins, and monitoring and maintaining acid mine drainage sites;

- providing public outreach and education to community organizations, individuals and schools on a variety of watershed conservation topics, including the reduction and prevention of pollution; and

- obtaining millions of dollars in grants, matching funds, and private donations each year to coordinate watershed protection projects.

So...What is a Watershed Specialist?

  Water Quality/Watershed Management

Thanks to a grant from the PA Department of Environmental Protection's Growing Greener Program, the Wyoming County Conservation District has a full-time watershed specialist who focuses on improving water quality throughout the county. This is achieved through watershed assessment, procurement of funding, technical assistance, education and outreach, and the creation of strategic plans to restore and protect watersheds.