Wyoming County

Conservation District

The Pennsylvania Nutrient Management Program (ACT 38)  encourages the development of nutrient management plans for all operations. The Wyoming County Conservation District has a technician on staff that can assist with developing plans and selecting a private plan writer. These plans are renewed and approved as per state regulations.

What is a Nutrient Management Plan?

A Nutrient Management Plan utilizes information about the nutrients applied to and removed from the soil on a farming operation. This information includes data obtained from soil testing, soil type, acreage in use, slope of the land, average rainfall, crops being harvested, amount of manure applied, etc.

The knowledge of nutrient flow on and off the land can be useful in getting the most value from the land while reducing water pollution from excess nutrient loss into streams, ponds, or by leaching into the water table.

A Nutrient Management Plan can also be useful in making land use decisions such as manure spreader calibration, fertilizer calculations, and Best Management Practices to reduce nutrient runoff to streams and ponds.

- PA Nutrient Management Program Technical Manual

- PA State Conservation Commission Nutrient Management Program Administrative Manual

- PA Department of Environmental Protection Nutrient Management Program

For more information, contact Chris Faux, our Agricultural Conservation Programs Coordinator at
(570) 836-2589 ext. 107
Nutrient Management Program